how to write a blog

Secret how to write a blog and easy way to find inspiration for writing blog post.

If you have a blog, you should diligent write post on your blog. If not, your blog only a few post, and finally a few visitors visit your blog, and it will decrease your revenue. The problem is how to write a blog?

Before I start explain about how to write a blog, if you do not have blog yet, this reference article and complete tutorial for you what is a blog if you not understand about blog yet, and how create blog if you really want create a blog step by step.

Write a blog post sometimes feel very easy but sometimes feel hard. Maybe you feel run out of material to write, which is why the writing blog post is not easy. If yes like that, so first step is need find inspiration to write blog posts.

Find inspiration

Every blogger write a blog post need to find inspiration to produce inspired writing. Sometimes, it can come from the unlikeliest sources.

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anytime. As my experiences write blog posts, inspiration come when I read books, read article on the web, blogging, when travelling, meet new people, when going to sleep, anytime anywhere.

If you got new inspiration, take a note so you not forget it.

Make Target

Whatever you do, you should have a target that you want achive, it is same if you wanna write a blog. Make sure your targets have 6 this important methods called SMART:


  • Specific – That’s mean you have clear goal not ambiguous (specify your target). For example: I should be able to write about flowers, handphone, home, etc. More spesific is better.
  • Measurable – It’s stresses to the need for concrete criteria for measure progress toward your goal. If your goal isn’t measurable so it’s unimaginable to understand whether you is creating progress toward. Measuring progress is important, reach its target dates and experience of effort needed to succeed in the final word – goal. For example: I have a target write 15 articles a month, I can measure it, yes measure with 15 articles a month.
  • Achiveable  – It is stresses the importance of your goals are realistic and attainable. The point is in setting your goal that is too difficult to achieve or beyond your capabilities. Early, set your goal start form easy to achive, then raise your goal. For example: I will write about rose flower about 300 words in 2 days.
  • Relevant – A goal that supports other goals would be considered a relevant goal. Relevant goals drive you move forward.
  • Time-bound – The important how to write a blog is you have deadline. Your commitment to a deadline helps you focus on your efforts towards completion of the goal. A time-restrained goal is intended to establish a sense of urgency. Ex: you should write 1 post in 3 days. 3 days is your deadline.

Little by little Everyday

It doesn’t mean that you must publish new post every day. It just spend your time everyday little by little. Writing like a habit, initially it would be hard but if done every day will be lighter and fun.

I always take the time to write every day a few hours, 3 – 4 hours a day. For 1 blog post or article need 2 days for me, I write 200-300 words a day. Some long tutorial like how to install wordpress need 3-5 days per tutorial.

It’s impossible I can finish write a blog post in 1 day without relax, so I write little by little everyday.

Write Whenever You Remember Something to Write

Idea or words come when you inspired, write all the ideas that comes to mind. Take a note on your phone or book. When you get free, compile all that you have write and finish your post.

That’s all my experience write a blog post, hope can answer how to write a blog.

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