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Build your link with this Link Building Strategies.

This Link Building Strategies is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s important for blog or website. I always update this Link Building Strategies for you Qoozoner.

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We know that search engines crawl the web use a sophisticated link analysis, and the engines can find how pages are related to each other. They always update the ways to crawl website.

Google is #1 seacrh engine, and also update the robot with use complex algorithms. Latest, Google announce Hummingbird algorithms on September 26 2013 after Panda algorithms on February 23 2011 and Penguin algorithms on April 24 2012.

Hummingbird is improvement algorithms from Panda and Penguin with add the important mobile device to search and right content that answer what people search. Along with advances in technology, people can access website from their cell phone. We remember that 3 years ago (2013) is a big start website use responsive design.

From that all algorithms, Google give us starter guide for webmaster: google SEO guide to do to improve your SEO.

And I give you key for all algorithms above is “content is everything” and “keep original” as Google’s said. So the important is write a blog with answer people search and keep to check your post from plagiarism.

Link Building is not dead, it’s still important for Hummingbird, but there are strategies you should know. Here I explain that link building strategies:

Build backlink from social media

Build backlink from social media like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, etc. It’s big impact and can improve your website rangking. Be active and post or tweet something new everyday. Build a good relation with your followers in that social media, they will love you and give good backlink.

Natural Anchor Text

Old SEO tehnique including anchor text, exact match domains, and most paid links that are used by most webmasters and SEO services are affective before Google update their method. Is now that tehniques cannot be used or die? Of course not like that. It’s still alive.

Remember that Google can read content and they will give exact search result (what people search). Build natural anchor text from your internal and external link.

Example: if today you create link anchor text is “write post” and tomorrow you create “write post” too, your site like spam site. So, try natural with other anchor text: “how to write blog post” and “write good blog post”, it’s not like a spam.

Relevant with your Website

Build backlink with relevant website, this is very important because it’s better note to search engine know your site is relevant with that site.

Very important: Write good content

Black hat SEO is dead. Do not try this method again. Now, Google only give search result what people search. Write a good content that what people search. You can use Google keyword eksternal tool to search keywords and expand your keyword into your content.

Find inspiration to write content and keep original.

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  1. I can definitely see this being good for the more advanced services, but maintaining a basic &#;9tli3e' search page for lesser browsers doesn't seem like a bad idea. Sometimes, in the trenches, you just have to load up lynx at a bash prompt and look up stuff. 😉

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