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The Most Question: Why most blog use WordPress?

For blog beginners, maybe have questions: how to create powerfull blog, what’s platform should I use, wordpress? If use wordpress, why blog use wordpress? Is it good enough? or maybe other questions on your mind.

If you are same have questions like that, you’re at the right place now. This article (I write), I will explain about how and why create or build powerfull blog, absolutely yes of course use wordpress for blog. If you don’t understand about blog, you can read my other article about what is a blog.

Yesterday, I have compiled some reasons why should use wordpress and you will see the big reasons.

From the history, wordpress was born on 2001 with desire for an elegant that build on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. The official successor is b2/cafeblog. In 2003 Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little create WordPress. Year by year, wordpress become succesfull and powerfull as content management system (CMS) that million people in the world use it, QooZone use wordpress too. And the data, there are 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress. Reported by The New York Times, CNN, and review by Mashable, and eBay all their blogs use the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress.

So, what are the big reasons that I recommend blog use wordpress, here:

Free and Open Source

WordPress is a free CMS publishing platform, the meaning free in here is free for download, free for install and use it, and also you can modify it. For download you can go to WordPress and download it.

After you download, you free to install it in your host.



This script/ software is open source, this mean you can see source code so you can modify as you like.

And very enjoyable part is wordpress has community or forum inside it. You can get free support from this community, if have a problem you just ask to them into the forum.

Supported with Plugins and Themes

From image above you can see that wordpress supported a lot of plugins more than 44,000 wordpress plugins and more than 1 billion total downloads. So do the theme, it supported by a lot of wordpress themes.

All Plugins and themes are free, but if you want theme with more good design you can use theme from Themeforest, and the plugin you can use from Recommended WordPress Plugin that the best selling wordpress plugin.

I’m a blogger, not coder or web designer, and the majority wordpress user is not coder or web designer too. So if your blog use wordpress, you do not need to be confused how to code and design website. You just find out the plugins and and the themes that suitable for you, then use it, simple.

Easy to Learn and Manage

wordpress dashboard

With wordpress admin dashboard, you can easy learn and manage, every people takes no longer time to understand every admin dashboard menu. And this is mobile friendly too, so you can operate it from your smartphone.

When the software and the plugins need update, with just 1 clicking the update button, the wordpress and plugins updated.

Thank you for reading this article, if you like this article or post, please share. Share is better than do nothing 🙂

Hope you back to QooZone and become QooZoner

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