create logo for blog

Your blog needs logo, so you need create logo for blog.

What is the advantages create logo for Blog? Do you ever view detail to many website that you ever visited? Do they have their own logo?

Look at Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Hubpages, and this Qoozone blog? Absolutely they have their own logo.

website logo

The advantages have own logo are:

  • Looks professional
  • It’s that blog or website’s unique
  • Easy to remember (memorable) and known
  • Build brand
  • Advertising and marketing advantages
  • More reputable

So, the conclusion is have blog logo is important.

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Here I’ll give tutorial create logo for blog. Start with Qoozone simple logo. I use Adobe Fireworks CS6 to create my own logo. Create logo you can use unique font to make it different with others (this is very easy) or you can create your own logo by draft by your self with your imagination (not easy).

If want create logo by unique font, you can find logo font by search on search engine. Here are the steps create logo with easy way:

Choose right Font

Open Adobe fireworks CS6, create new image document by click File –> New or Ctrl+N on your keyboard. In new document window, set canvas size 500 pixels width, 250 pixels height and 72 resolution. For canvas color set white or transparent.

create new document

Select Text Tool then click on your new canvas image document, and type QooZone or whatever words you want to type. Choose the suitable font (or choose unique font that you was downloaded – and after you install the font) by click Pointer Tool first then click your image. Font selection is in properties under your new image window.

change font

Choose Color

Now choose different color for “Qoo“, use Text Tool then click to QooZone word in canvas window. And select “Qoo” only, then choose color in color properties.

select color

Here the result:

QooZone logo

Last step is save your new logo, File –> Save (in adobe fireworks PNG file) or Save As to choose different file format (bmp, gif, jpeg, tiff).

Finish, Greeeaaat now you success create logo for blog. With your own logo you also successful build your brand.

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