how to create image for blog post

This is review How to Create Image for Blog Post use online image editor/creator

How to Create Image for Blog Post? It’s really easy. Before that, you should know that write blog post is not only writing, but also create image(s). Talking about writing blog post, this is reference good for read: How to Write a Blog and find Inspiration and What is a blog

Okay, a blog should also be able to present an attractive image for the visitors so that:

  • Your visitor like your blog
  • They will return back visit your blog
  • Looks professional
  • Not boring blog

Create image for blog post is not only copy paste from other blog or website. It’s not professional. You should have original post and original image. Maybe it’s sounds: It’s easier said than done :). Sometimes copy paste is okay 🙂 but write image source where you get it.

Better way is you create your own image. You can modify other images by seacrh some images that suitable with your topic then combine them be your own image.

Here let’s start tutorial how to create image for blog post with your own image idea.

You can use online image creator like:



Canva is good for create blog post image. You can create with your own dimension, edit layout, add element, add text, background, and also upload your image. Most of the item is free, other item is paid with low price. Free item is very good for us.

The disadvantage of Canva is the file size is larger than use photo software that I use like Adobe Firework and Adobe Photoshop. But do not worry the solution is make it smaller with TinyJpg.



Pixlr is free web-based image editor online that very easy use it to customize your image. Thousands of free fonts, borders, and image. This tool is one of image editor/creator online that I use.



Not easy if want create mockups picture. Just use ready template that from PlaceIt. You can create iphone mockups image handle with hand or not, desktop mockups, iphone and desktop at desk mockups, and other. Try it and You’ll like it.

Above are 3 of image editor that I use and I like, below is other image editor/creator as good as 3 above and very useful:

Or you can use graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks. I use Adobe Fireworks too.

Here my other tutorial Create Logo for Blog to build your brand.

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