how to choose domain name

Many question how to choose domain name?

Talking about how to choose domain name, some people and professional bloggers say that having a good domain name is the power in internet marketing and it has full of meaning to build brand.

I agree with all professional bloggers, you must have good domain name because it’s become your and your site identity.

Look at the king of popular domain name like: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube. They have simple domain name, easy remember, nice to hear, and they have brand power with that domain name.

For your remember that domain name is only 1 in the world, so choose good domain name is very very very important. The key is if you have find good domain name, buy it directly. If not, your domain name will be bought by other, read further about:

It’s not easy to choose domain name. For example, I choose, I need about 3 days to search and finally decide is the best domain name for this blog.

I’ll show you my tips how to choose domain name:

Easy to remember

If you want your visitor return back again to your site or blog, your domain name must easy to remember. Simple, try to compare this example domain name:

Domain 1 Domain 2

Which one more easy to remember? Domain 1 group or Domain 2 group? of course Domain 2 group right? 🙂

So, choose easy remember domain name. The question is how to find idea to choose easy remember domain name?

I usually use domain name sugestion tool like:

And I also use premium domain name to find good idea for domain name, I use:

Or if you have more budget, you can buy premium domain name.

Use .com

Among the domain name TLD (Top Level Domain) extension, I recommend use .com extension, but does not rule out the possibility you choose except .com extension.

With .com extension, domain name easy remember and people more habitually spell .com than .net, .org, .us, and others. And if people hear QooZone (for example), they will search (.com extension) first.

Easy to Spelled

When you convey to others people your domain name, it must be clearly heard and clearly spelled. If not, you will lose traffic when a potential visitor mistype your website address.

Compare again domain name: more easy to spelled than

Create Short as Possible

With short words domain, again your blog is easy to remember and spell it. A lot of advantages if you have short and pretty domain name Now, choose short domain name is more difficult because they have been bought for purpose to sell again with high prices.

If you want personal blog with your name as your domain name, use nickname or first name + middle name or first name + last name. For example: If the name is Harry Steve Potter, the possible domain names are,,, is to long 🙂

Avoid conjunctions and numbers

As I mentioned above, domain name should create short as possible and easy to remember and spelled. Some people if they’ve not found good domain or SEO purpose they add conjunctions or number like:,,, etc

If you have idea good domain name but when you search that domain name, it was bought by someone, may be for SEO purpose you can add letter: “s” at the last word or “i” at the front domain name.

Reflect your Blog/Website

If your blog or website is for review a product or selling a product, use domain that reflect your blog/website, for example if you want sell or review perfume products, find domain name:,,,,

If you will create blog or website about photoshop tutorial, use domain like:,, and many other domain names.

Buy at Trusted Domain Registrant

Choose trusted domain registrant like:

After read this article, hopefully you can find your good domain name, then you buy it. After having good domain name, time to install blog or website.

For further reference articles:

Thank you for reading this Tips How to Choose Domain name, feel free to comment if you have questions in your mind.

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