how to make money blogging 2016

This is top ways How to Make Money Blogging 2016 that I compile from Bloggers.

Make money from Blogging??!!! is it joke? No, it is real, you can make money from blogging. So, how? I’ll show you from this post that all top ways how to make money blogging 2016.

If you are not making money today from blog or website, you should not give up. Too many people often give up when they are not earning anything at all. But the good news is if you know how to monetize your blog, you will get the big results you have always desired.

Tto make money blogging, first step could be is create a blog :), then write a good contents, and drive traffic to your blog.

Okay, here are top 20 ways on how to make money blogging 2016:

Sell Space

If you want to make money blogging, the simple thing is you can sell space for advertisement on your site for marketers to display their banner. For example you can see at this blog at top header and sidebar there are spaces for banners.

You can set your own price for this way but remember to set affordable and rational price, and also this way can give you 100% net profit. Read my page for your reference:

If you use wordpress for blog, you can add ads in your wordpress sidebar or header or in post.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you get paid for every sale completed due to your recommendation from your affiliate link. You can refer people from your site through text link ads, recommendations or banner ads that take them to the product page. If they purchase, you get paid for it. How much? depend on seller commission give, 5% or maybe 50%.

These are some company that you can join as affiliate:

Sell Services

You can sell your service to those who need it. Build a website that promotes your service and create a Hire Me page so that people can see that they can hire you. It’s depend on you, what your competence that you have: web design, program code, installation service, translation, create video, photo editing, logo design, writing, photography, and many more.

Here I also sell service in this blog:

Here some places that you can get inspiration for sell services:

Sell Product

You can sell your own product, whatever product you have, if you have items you no longer need but are still in great condition, you can sell them. You can sell digital or non digital products. For Digital product such as:

  • Software
  • eBook
  • Theme or website template
  • Video

and for non digital product such as: shoes, books, phone, beauty products, whatever you can sell.

You can use banner or pop-ups, use one pop-up that only appears to new visitors. Pop-ups can also be used to indirectly promote your site or services or products.

Pay Per Click Advertising

You get compensated for every click made by a visitor on an ad. There are a lot of PPC advertising company, one the biggest is Google AdSense. This is the most popular providers of PPC service.

Other PPC such as:


Above is the top 5 ways how to make money blogging, here are other great ways to make money blogging:

Cost per Mile Advertising

In Cost per Mile advertising, you get paid based on the number of page views or impressions you get. There are various CPM providers that you can get advertisements from and each one differs on how much they pay.

Text Link Ads

You place text-based advertisements within the text of your posts. For instance, if you’re writing about cars, you can put text-link ads within your post that would refer customers to that product.

In-text Ads

In-text ads are placed in your text content like blog posts. An in-text advertising provider will place a sponsored link in your text. It is double underlined so that it stands out from other links. When users move their mouse over this link, a small advertising pop-up will come out. They can choose whether to click on it or not. They do click on it, you earn money.

Product Reviews

You can write product reviews about 300 – 1000 words and post them on your blog, write with honesty. If you are an affiliate of the company offering that product, you can also earn money from it.

RSS Adverts

Look for adverts for your RSS feeds that you can use to monetize your feeds.

Publish an eBook

You can write an eBook and sell it on Amazon or through Apple iStore or your own blog. This way, you can get 100 percent of the sale price.

Publish a Paperback or Hardback Book

You could also publish your book in paperback or hardback form and sell this on your blog. Look for self-publishing sites that allow you to publish your book.

Live Workshops

Live workshops allow you to connect with your target market and promote your website. In the end of workshops, You can promote your services or products. If you have guest speakers, you can get fifty percent of everything they earn from promoting their products.

Host Webinars

This is one of very good way how to Make Money Blogging 2016. You can charge people for a virtual seat on your webinar. They pay to watch you present your piece online and interact with you. Webinars can include photos, Power Point presentations, polls and web-cams.

Work as a Consultant

You can provide one-on-one or group consulting via Skype or over the phone for a fixed rate.

Audio Advertising

Pay per Play ads are audio advertisements that are played each time people visit your site. The ads will only last a few seconds. You can earn about $5 per visit. Podcast ads are another type of audio advertising.

Teach Programs

You can create teaching courses and charge people a membership fee. In teach programs could include videos, podcasts or some tutorials. Ensure that the information you present in teach program is different to the free information provided on your blog.

There are only some of the best ways on how to make money blogging 2016. Choose the method you’re most comfortable with.

Hope this post can help you and  give spirit for blogging.

See u 🙂

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