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Here Best Contact Form WordPress Plugin that you can download and use for free.

Every blog or website must provide a contact form because it has an important role to communicate between blog owner or author and visitor. Because it is very important, here I’ll show you best free contact form wordpress plugin. As my wordpress service: My WordPress Installation Service also provide create contact form and contact page.

My other tutorial what you need, check this also:

Not only for send message to blog owner, more than that contact form use to collect data such as email, feedback, payment confirmation, survey, upload attachment, and etc.

Some templates bundle that you download free from WordPress or you bought premium theme, they provide already built-in contact form. But some themes usually not provide it, so you should create contact form by your self, but do not worry with wordpress you can do it very easy by download contact form wordpress plugin, then you have a powerfull contact form.

Here some wordpress themes that have ready built-in contact form in theme and a good design theme:

or You can search at Themeforest which has a ton of wordpress themes, or search at my review about Free WordPress Themes which also have beautiful design theme.

I found 2 very usefull and great to create contact form plugins, here they are:

Okay, above is 2 of the best contact form plugin, here the other alternative plugins that you can use to create contact form. Here I review 5 of the most popular that wordpress users used in around the world, if you have found other good contact form wordpress plugin, give comment and I’ll adding to this article as a guest suggestion.

Contact Form 7

contact form7 wordpress plugin

I use it guys, go to my contact us page that the simple contact page form, but I feel it’s great and powerfull although this plugin has no drag and drop page builder.

Contact form 7 is not only use to create contact form, but you can use it to create other form, such as payment confirmation form or service form like my WordPress Service page.

You can manage multiple contact forms, and also you can customize it include mail contents and other. Contact Form 7 supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, and other feature.

Ninja Forms

ninja forms wordpress plugin

Not understand with code? Here the solution: Ninja Forms, this interface plugin is simple with drag and drop. You can create Contact forms or any other form that you want for your blog.

It has good feature in it, such as a dozen types of fields, no limitation the number of forms, and fields, you can manage, edit, and export, Set required fields, Anti-Spam, based in AJAX, and many more.

Formidable Forms

formidable forms wordpress plugin

This plugin is also drag-and-drop interface, simple and fast of course. And also offers good feature like: it has 7 field types: text, email, url, paragraph text, radio, checkbox, and dropdown, this plugin can send unlimited email notifications, and build autoresponders, anti spam use reCAPTCHA, the creator claims that this plugin integrate with the one-click, easy insert your forms on a page, post, or widget using a shortcode, support for bugs, and many more.

Contact Form by BestWebSoft

contact form by BestWebSoft

It is an easy form, mentioned that it doesn’t require any additional settings, there are some available options. Just insert the shortcode to activate the plugin.

The features are: easy to use, beginners can use it, responsive, email notification, attachment option, unlimited number of forms, captcha, and other features.

Form Builder

form builder wordpress plugin

Same like contact forms above, it is responsive, provide default form templates, activating or deactivating fields, blocking IPs, build with CSS design so you can design your contact form like colors and dimensions, reCaptcha also included, emailing option, Google Maps integration, and etc.

Contact Form Clean and Simple

Contact Form Clean and Simple

This is a clean and simple AJAX plugin with minimal setup, with Google reCAPTCHA, and Twitter Bootstrap also spam filtering. Use contact form by add shortcode on your blog, and this plugin works with the latest of WordPress version.

Contact Form

contact form maker

This plugin is a simple contact form builder too, without knowledge of programming code the users can create and edit the contact forms.

The features are almost same with other contact form builder such as input various of fields, reCaptcha by Google, buttons, manage backend interface, custom HTML, pagination, just insert shortcode into pages/posts, contact form templates, conditional fields, and other features.

Ultimate Form Builder Lite

Contact Form for WordPress - Ultimate Form Builder Lite

This plugin allows users create various contact forms just with drag and drop form builder. Create beautiful forms so easy with this plugin, you also can export to CSV via plugin’s backend.

This is some free feature, unlimited forms, contact form template, standart fields like other plugin, Form Preview, Responsive, User friendly,  and SPAM Prevention.

Huge IT Forms

forms contact wordpress plugin

Huge -IT Forms is one of the most popular form builder that can help you to create good looking design, it is simple to install and configurable from configuration page. You can create many different forms, and just use the shortcode to your page or post, provide captcha too, the layout is fully responsive, user friendly admin, customizable fields, drag and drop functionality, SEO Friendly, Form Builder provides the ID of the submitter, and other amazing feature. I recommend you to use it.

Contact form Form For All

contact form Form for all

With this Contact form Form For All you can create contact form, Log-in form, Sign-up form, Subscription form, Booking form, Survey form, Event registration, Email newsletter, wooow awesome. Try this, I think this plugin is very good because 6,000+ active install and 4.6 out of 5 stars. The forms can added to your sidebar.

Drag and drop feature, file upload, facebook and google connect, double opt-in, captcha,  your own logo, responsive design, notification and confirmation email, and support 37 language.

NM Contact Forms

NM contact form

NM contact forms is simple contact form too like others and it’s integration with two built-in anti-spam solutions. I never use it but based from users review, this plugin get 4.8 out of 5 stars rating, not bad, and has 2,000+ active installed.

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