install wordpress plugin manually

Install wordpress plugin manually that you can do are via FTP or upload to your file manager from cPanel.

Before we start, here the first things that should to know about install your wordpress blog and after that you need to know about how to install wordpress plugin manually in this post.

I’ll discuss install wordpress from admin page in other article, here I’ll show you how to install wordpress plugin manually.

Install Via FTP (file transfer protocol)

If you don’t know about FTP (file transfer protocol) read here. I usually use Filezilla to transfer file to my host.

This following steps show you install wordpress plugin via FTP using “contact form 7” plugin for example or other best contact form plugin or plugin that you need:

  1. Go to wordpress plugin directory

    Search “contact form 7” plugin or search what plugin that you need.

    plugin directory

  2. Download the plugin

    After you find plugin that you need, click red button to download it. This in .zip file format. It will safe to your computer.

    download plugin

  3. Unzip plugin file

    Because the downloaded plugin in Zip file, unzip it first. Below unzip plugin file result:

    unzip plugin files

  4. Connect via FTP to your hosting

    Now start your FTP, connect to your host by enter your host, username, password, and port then click Connect. If you not understand and cannot connect to your host, please contact your hosting provider.

    upload filezilla

  5. Upload your plugin

    Look at image above, after you have success connect to your host, in left FTP window find your unzipped plugin folder, and in right window (server/host) find plugins directory (here:, if ready upload unzipped plugin folder to server/host by right click –> Upload. Wait all files are uploaded (check in FTP bottom window – Queued file).

  6. Activate it

    Login to your wordpress admin dashboard, in plugins menu find plugin that you have already upload, just easy activate it. Done install wordpress plugin manually via FTP.

    activate plugin

Install Via File Manager (cPanel)

Other way install wordpress plugin manually is via file manager, here are the steps:

  1. Step 1 and 2 are same with install wordpress plugin via FTP above

    Go to plugin directory and download the plugin.

  2. Login to cPanel

    Login to your hosting cPanel then finf and click “File Manager“, after bring you to file manager window, find plugins directory (here: public_html/

  3. Upload your plugin

    After you find plugins directory, click upload then select plugin Zip file from your computer and click Open (via file manager, you do not need unzip it first – but you unzip it after upload), upload untill 100% complete.

    upload plugin file manager

  4. Unzip uploaded plugin file

    After upload complete, back to your file manager window, click “Reload” then find your uploaded Zip plugin file, select and extract it.

    extract plugin

  5. Activate it

    Same as step 6 install wordpress plugin manually via FTP. Done install wordpress plugin manually via file manager.

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