wordpress wysigwyg editor plugin

Here explain about very powerful WordPress WYSIWYG editor plugin that you can use for your wordpress blog to make it powerful editor.

When writing post or create page, user want great editor tool to fulfill their writing need. In wordpress, this tool is called WordPress WYSIWYG editor. And with WordPress WYSIWYG editor plugin you can add more feature on it.

If you will write a post, you should know write a blog post, and after that you start writing with your WYSIWYG wordpress editor. First, what is wordpress WYSIWYG editor? WordPress WYSIWYG editor is a main tool when writing content or post / page. With WYSIWYG editor, write a post more easy and fun.

When writing post or content, there are visual and text views, Visual view more easy, text view is the code (not easy to understand).

The visual view of standart wordpress WYSIWYG editor is like this:

standart WYSIWYG editor

There are many WordPress WYSIWYG Editor plugin to adding features of the WYSIWYG editor, I use Tinymce Advanced. You can download it free.

WordPress WYSIWYG editor Plugin

Here the view after install Tinymce Advanced in my blog:


You can compare beetwen standart WYSIWYG editor view and WYSIWYG editor with Tinymce Advanced installed above. And the good thing is Tinymce Advanced have some features and you can choose which features you want display in WYSIWYG editor from Tinymce Advanced setting:

TinyMCE setting

If you want add text format, text background, font format and size, undo redo, and many more, you just add or remove with drag and drop feature. Very easy and useful.

Look at my example:

  • I add background color to the text with orange color or yellow background color.
  • This is strikethrough
  • This is underline text.
  • and many more

All that examples above are easy to do. Just click and click form the WYSIWYG editor visual view.

Ready to having powerful WordPress WYSIWYG editor plugin on your blog? Just download it free Tinymce Advanced.

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