How to Find Good Keywords for SEO

Guys, this is my big secret how to find good keywords for SEO.

If you want write content, first what should you do is search keywords for your new content, this is my big secret that you can use how to find good keywords for SEO. Write content with good keyword is really important.

How big important is it?

Every webmasters or bloggers hope that their site or blog get #1 rank in search engine, at least at #1 page search engine. This is hard competition to make the website be #1. So they exert every effort to win this competition such as: buy keyword domain, on page SEO like write a good content, build backlink,  and many more.

If you use wordpress, these are tutorial build your own blog with wordpress and wordpress setting that can optimize your site or blog.

Google Keyword Planner

One of my way to find good keyword is use Google keyword planner. I use this tool for planning my keywords and check good keywords with the competition.

google keyword planner

Sign in to Google adwords keyword planner, if you have no google account, just create one. After you sign in, you can find new keywords and get search volume data by click search for new keyword using phrase, website or category, or you want search volume and trends keywords that you planned or want get new keywords with multiply keyword lists.

google keyword tool

Type keyword(s) that you want to target, here I give example keyword “write blog”, and choose options for targeting location, language, google search engine only or with google partner, negative keyword, and other option. You can use default option like this:

search keyword

Click Get ideas, result is:

get ideas

You can see result above, it show that keyword “write blog” have 4,400 average monthly searches, and it is stable search volume trends from month to month. 4,400 is a good volume monthly searches, but you also consider the search result (try to search in google) like this:

search result

wooow the search result is about 227,000,000 results, with that number it is have big competition, so it’s need hard work to make that post in #1 search engine page. Consider again if still want use “write blog” keyword.

So, what keyword is good for blog post and SEO target?

The answer is keyword that have good average monthly searches and low search results. The range is try <1,000 for average monthly searches and about <1,000,000 search results.

Let’s back to Google keyword planner search result. See result keyword (by relevance), it shows there are other relevance keywords you can use.

relevance keyword

Find keyword that meet with have good average monthly searches and low search results, and after you find good keyword with that 2 criteria, start writing blog post using that keyword.

Finish, I hope this my big secret how to find good keywords for SEO is very useful for you, see you at next posts.

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