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Here best screen capture software that I use, and you can use too.

You need screen capture software when you will create tutorial, save something important from your computer desktop like I do. I use this software provide tutorials in this blog like this tutorials:

The question is: what screen capturing software that I or user use? and do we need it?

It’s depend on your need, if you have high needed for capturing your computer desktop and manage them, I suggest you use screen capture software, but if you rarely capture your screen you can use it or not.

There are many developer create screen capturing software, pay or free. Actually without screen capture software, you can capture your desktop, how? just use “Print Screen” button on your keyboard 🙂

Press that “Print Screen” button then paste in your image editor like photoshop, adobe fireworks, or other image editor.

If you need screen capture software, here they are:



Try this Buy Now

I use snagit, this is techsmith product and it is not freeware, but it’s affordable price only US$ 49.95 and you can try this software first for 15 days with full feature. Snagit can be used for Mac or windows.

I like this software because it has  a lot of features: insert images, arrow, line, callout, draw pen, shape, number, make blur, resize image, insert watermark and many more.

Try this and you’ll like it.




With Jing, you can capture basic video, animation, and capture images, then share them on the web. This is very simple feature, just select any region or window that you want to capture, edit or add your screenshot with text box, some arrow, highlight or other picture caption.




Tinytake provide free and commercial price choice, of course it has limited feature for free price. Free software is use for personal only, you can also record video with limit (per video) is 5 mins, the storage is 2 GB, with ads and no Youtube integration. But with that limited feature, it’s sufficient to meet your needs for capture desktop.

Other free screen capture software

Here other free options screen capture software:

Okay that’s all above is option screen capture software. Choose which is suitable for you.

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