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Welcome to my article about buy web hosting that I explain step by step buy hosting.

A person that really new will create blog or website maybe have a trouble or do not understand yet how to buy web hosting and how to buy domain name step by step.

This guide or tutorial that I write for you to demonstrate real steps buy web hosting at hosting provider.

The steps are:

Choose hosting provider

Hosting provider is a company who “rent” their space of their servers. There are 3 kind of hostings: shared, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and Dedicated Hosting.

For beginner just buy shared hosting. Shared hosting means one physical server are shared among several users. The advantage is more cheap than VPS or dedicated. But, because it shared with other user, so it has limit of space, traffic, email accounts, databases and etc.

But shared hosting is sufficient to the need to create a blog.

There are many hosting provider, so which one the best? I recommend use Hostgator or Bluehost, why? my experience, both of them are best hosting companies in the world, and the support is friendly. You need a support if you have problem with your blog someday. And of course affordable price.

Just sign up at Hostgator or Bluehost

Choose Hosting Package

Hostgator hosting package/plan:

hosting plan

Bluehost hosting package/plan:

bluehost hosting plan

choose which one of the plan or package you want to buy. You can choose Hatchling or Baby Plan at Hostgator (I recommend Baby plan), Basic or Plus at Bluehost ( I recommend Plus plan).

Hostgator and Bluehost also offer WordPress plan:

hostgator wordpress hosting

I will demonstrate buy on hostgator, just click Sign Up Now or Get Started button plan that you want.

And you will go to Order Form. If you have account at hostgator, just sign in first.

order form domain register

Choose domain – For domain register, if you have not domain name, enter your domain name, then it will search your domain name available or not. But if you already have your domain name, click on “I already own this domain” then type your domain name.

order form hosting plan

Hosting plan – Then choose your hosting plan: package type (Hatchling or Baby recommended), Billing cycle (monthly, quaterly, annually, etc), type your username, and PIN (create strong PIN).


Billing info – fill the billing info form, include payment type.


Additional services – you can tick additional services that you want.


Coupon code – Actually, for the first time you buy at hostgator, hostgator will give you discount, or maybe you have other coupon code.

Congratulation for QooZoner, I have coupon code for you, get $9.94 discount for QooZone visitor, just enter coupon code:


or get 25% by type this discount coupon code:


Visit to Hostgator then enter that coupon code.


Order Details – Read your order details and check your amount order. If it is correct, then tick TOS and Privacy Policy agreement (read it first). And finally click “Checkout Now”

Hostgator will proccess your order, if valid your hosting account will be active automatically. And you’ll receive email, details of your account like this:

email account

From your account info that send to your email, you can login to your control panel with your control panel username and password and start create a blog. Further, read this article how to create a good blog.

Thank you for reading my Buy web hosting article, hope can help you so much buy hosting. See you at next tutorial.

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