forgot wordpress admin password

Sometimes for some reason you forgot wordpress admin password. Here are some way how to recover or reset your wordpress admin password.

As my experience using wordpress (read here: why I use wordpress), to prevent I forgot wordpress admin password, I use remembered my own password. You can use my way to prevent it, but for your note that use unique password and combination between letter – number – and special character. Use strong password, and also make it easy remember for you. You can use password generator to combine strong password. But if you not want to remember it, you can save it into your note in a paper or in your computer (note: be carefull from malware).

Know about how to recover wordpress admin password is very important for wordpress blogger. Okay, here the 2 ways reset wordpress admin password:

  • Via phpMyadmin
  • Via email

Reset wordpress admin password via phpMyadmin

  1. Login to your cPanel

    If you have problem login to your cpanel, please contact your hosting provider.

  2. Go to phpMyadmin


    After you succes login to your cpanel, find phpMyadmin, you’ll redirecting to phpMyadmin page in new tab.

  3. Find your database

    Once you are in phpMyadmin page, choose your database that you use for your wordpress blog. If you forgot which database that you use, you can open file wp-config.php from file manager, find name of database.

    Now, click _users table with a prefix like wp_ or wpx_ or other.

    users database table

  4. Edit Your user password

    Browse your users table and find your user_login name. Click on “edit“, you’ll bring to edit page, choose user_pass type to MD5. Then type your new password, remember use strong password that I explain above. Last click Go at the bottom edit page.

    edit md5 wordpress password

Reset wordpress admin password via email

  1. Go to your wordpress admin

    The URL is

  2. Click “Lost you password?”

    Click “Lost you password?” at the bottom, then enter your username or email of your WordPress admin user, then click on “Get New Password“. You’ll receive email to reset your password.

  3. Follow the step reset password email instruction

    After your receive reset password email with subject: [Your WordPress Blog name] Password Reset, just click on the link or copy it into your browser.

    email reset password

  4. Reset your password

    Type in your new password that you want, use strong and remembered  password, then click on Reset Password

    reset password

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