How to create a blog

Welcome again QooZoner, in this article I’ll show you how to create a blog using wordpress.

How to create a blog is simple thing, if you already know how to create it. But some people confused or don’t know how to get started.

Based on this article, you can learn how create a blog, this tutorial includes:

  • Buy domain
  • Buy Hosting
  • WordPress installation
  • WordPress setting
  • Install needed plugins
  • Choose your theme
  • SEO for your wordpress blog
  • Write your first post
  • Create your first page
  • Create contact form and contact us page
  • WordPress Security

Wow there are a lot of steps right? If you want have a ready to use blog, just use my service: wordpress installation service that special for QooZoner.

Okay, but here I still teach you create a blog, here the explain all steps:

Buy domain

First step if you want to create a blog or website is buy domain. You can buy from Namecheap and you can read how to buy domain name. Search your domain name that you want, you can buy it if it is available.

Domain is name of website, hosting is like house that is a room to save all website data.

The most question how to choose or determine the domain name?

After you buy domain, you need change domain name server. Do this after you buy domain and hosting.

Buy Hosting

As I mentioned above that hosting is like house to save website data. For beginner or just a blog can use small or medium space, no need big space yet, but hosting providers offered unlimited space and bandwitch now with an affordable price.

Use Hostgator or Bluehost with good services and affordable price. Just sign up or create an account there, then buy one of hosting package. It takes a few minutes about 5 minutes for the proccess.

Click on link below to sign up in Hostgator or BlueHost:

You can buy domain at Hostgator or Bluehost too.

After you bought hosting package, you’ll receive username and password for login to control panel hosting. Check out my tutorial step by step buy web hosting.

WordPress installation

After you buy domain name and hosting package, it is time create a blog by install your wordpress for blog, why wordpress? read this: why blog use wordpress. This is the very important step how to create a blog. Without this wordpress installation, you can not create a blog.

Okay, login to your control panel use username and password. You can install wordpress use Softaculous Auto Installer or manually by download wordpress package then upload and extract in your hosting. Then start install your wordpress blog. Read this tutorial how to install wordpress step by step

WordPress setting

Next step is setting your lovely new wordpress blog. It’s includes two of the most important settings:

  • WordPress General setting
  • WordPress Permalink setting

And another settings:

  • WordPress Reading setting
  • WordPress Writing setting
  • WordPress Discussion setting
  • WordPress Media setting

This is reference for wordpress setting: WordPress Setting to Optimize Blog

Install needed plugins

Plugins are important part of wordpress, with plugin you can manage some feature in your blog. For example manage comments, spam comments could enter to your blog comment. To resolve this issue is protect your blog with spam blocked comment plugin (can using akismet plugin).

Important plugins that should you use are (basic plugins):

  • Akismet
  • Yoast SEO
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Contact Form 7
  • WP Smush
  • and other additional plugins

And if you want become affiliate, add Easy Affiliate Links plugin that I used too to manage your affiliate link.

Find my recommended wordpress plugin to create your powerfull blog here:

Choose your theme

You can use free theme or premium theme. Find your free theme at wordpress theme or find through google or other search engine and just type: free wordpress theme.

My experience, Premium theme is better for me, it has more feature, and more beatiful design.

After you choose the theme, it’s time to install it, tutorial here: How to Install WordPress theme.

SEO for your wordpress blog

SEO is very very important for your website, SEO can give you organic visitor without advertise your blog, more visitor so you have chance make more money.

You can use SEO wordpress plugin: Yoast SEO or All in One SEO pack, here the article about wordpress SEO plugin:

Write your first post

If your blog is ready, just start write your first post happily. Write with your heart and your style so the result is your original article, do not copy paste from other blog or website.

The key is: content is everything

If you want be original, read this:

Create your first page

Besides write posts, create pages too, pages that must be contained in the blog are: about us, contact us, privacy policy, and other additional pages.

Create contact form and contact us page

Use usefull and easy contact form wordpress plugin to create contact form. Here:

I enjoy use contact form 7 for my blog which easy to operate it, and you can add field as you want just click field button. And how to use is copy paste the shortcode in your contact us page.

WordPress Security

A few years ago, I install wordpress with weak login username and password, baaamm the result is my website was hacked. From that, first use strong username and password. Use password generator to create it, and change it for every months.

Also you can hide or change wordpress login page use WPS Hide Login


That all things about how to create a blog. All the steps that I recommend to you is that I use in this blog.

Thank you for reading how to create a blog article, hope you can emplements this tutorial, success for your wordpress blog installation and settings. You can use my service: WordPress Installation Service

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