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This tutorial about how to install WordPress is one of my special tutorial.

I’ll demontrate step by step how to install wordpress, there are 2 ways install wordpress. 1) install from QuickInstall in control panel, 2) by download wordpress package then upload to your control panel.

Okay, let’s start the tutorial How to install wordpress.

Easy Way install WordPress with QuickInstall

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install wordpress using QuickInstall, my other tutorial I’ll show you how to install wordpress using Softaculous app Installer.

Hostgator collaborate with Mojo-Theme one of premium theme seller to use QuickInstall, you will also find Wordpress Mojo-Theme when you install wordpress.

Now start install wordpress using QuickInstall. First, login to your control panel, here looks like control panel dashboard:

hostgator control panel

Then find QuickInstall (scroll to bottom) and click on it.


You will be taken to QuickInstall page. And then click WordPress.


After you click WordPress, you will be taken to wordpress intallation page. There are 2 options: free install or premium intall. Just choose Install wordpress for free.

Install wordpress

But if you want other services like premium theme, Demo Setup, WordPress SEO & SEO Sitemap, WordPress Site Security, and 30 minutes wordpress trining, you can choose premium installation.

My wordpress installation service give you other option that more affordable price with complete package, check now, I’ll give special price for you here:

Okay, here you choose free installation, click that and you will see this installation form:

Install wordpress-2

Fill the installation form: choose your domain will be installed wordpress, and path use blank if you want install in root domain, fill your email as admin, title of your blog, admin user, your first name, and your last name. Then click Install Worpress. It takes a few second.

And after installation is complete, it show a notification and also send you email for detail of your installation and instructions how to access to your WordPress website.


Now, access your blog, Boooooommm you success install wordpress, and now you have a new blog. Congratulation.

For admin login, access your admin page like the instruction:

Install WordPress Through Download WordPress Package

Above is easy way install wordpress by using QuickInstall. Now I’ll show you install wordpress with more make you confuse 🙂

First, go to WordPress Download page, then click Download WordPress at top-right page, then download will starting. The wordpress package is in ZIP format.

Upload WordPress package to Control Panel

After you download the wordpress package, then upload to your control panel in file manager. You need login to your control panel.


Go to File Manager (Your file manager will be opened) –> Then click Public_html (this is your root folder).


Click Upload –> then Choose File –> find your wordpress package that you was downloaded.



choose wordpress file

When the upload is complete, back to file manager, then click “Reload” you will find a new wordpress package uploaded there.

extract wordpress package

Now click on that wordpress package, then click Extract –> Extract FIle(s) and it start extracting. After done extract, click close. Click Reload again. You will find wordpress folder.

You should install wordpress in root domain not in subfolder. So we need  all wordpress files to root domain / folder. Here the steps:


Double click on wordpress folder, you will see all files and folders inside of wordpress.

move file


Move file window will appear, delete word “wordpress” it will move your all files to root domain.

Now, your wordpress folder / directory is empty. Click “Up One Level” to go to root folder

delete wordpress folderIn root folder there is empty wordpress folder, you can delete this by click “Delete”. And you can also delete wordpress package that you have upload before (additional).

Okay after that, you ready install wordpress.

From your browser, access your domain like this:


wordpress setup config

Here your first wordpress setup config view. Choose your language and click Continue.

setup config

Before getting started, you need to know and create database name, database username, database password, and database host. Click Let’s go to continue next step.

Back to your control panel frontend (home) and find MySQL Database, click that:

mysql database

You will see MySql database page, now create your database, then click Create Database.

create database

You have database for your blog now. Back to MySql database. Next step is create username database, scroll to bottom to create it:

create mysql username


Fill the username that you want, and for password I recommend you use password generator, do not forget copy the password. Then click “Create a User”, then go back to MySql database again to add a User to a Database.

Scroll again to bottom and you’ll see “Add a User to a Database”

add user to database

Choose your user and your database, then click “Add”, next page is MySQL Account Maintenance page, click on “All Privileges” it is for Manage User Privileges, then click “Make Changes”:


You have successfull create database, create user database, and add user to database. It is used to fill your database connection on wordpress installation.

database connection details

Now back to your wordpress installation. Enter your database connection details. For database host: keep it localhost, and table prefix keep it wp_ then click Submit. Next page click “Run the install”


Next step is enter your Information needed: site title, username, password (don’t forget copy it), and your email. If you want search engine like Google and etc indexing your site: do not tick “Search Engine Visibility”

wordpress Information needed

It takes a few second, and Wooooowww Congratulation again you success intall wordpress through download WordPress package and upload to control panel.

wordpress install success

Try to access your blog, and you can manage your blog through admin dashboard by clicking Log in or URL:

new wordpress

Image above shows a simple theme when we install wordpress package, for more beatifull themes you can use:

Thanksgiving to God so I can finish this exceptional tutorial for You how to install wordpress, I need 3 days to write and demo this tutorial. Write – capture – write again – capture again – break – sleep – eat – take a bath – write again – until finish 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you facing a problem, feel free contact me or use my WordPress Installation just wait your blog is ready all the settings, plugins and themes, and also you can live chat with me tutorial for your wordpress. Here other references:

Okay, finish, last word I’ll give you all information what I know, and this is free for You. Hope you come back again to my blog. See you for next tutorial.

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