visual editor tab not working

Use this method to solve wordpress common problem: visual editor tab not working.

My friend have problem: Visual Editor Tab not Working. When he edited or created new page or post, his wordpress visual editor tab was not working. Based on my friend problem, here I give you ways to solve this problem.

Actually, the problem come from plugin or theme that you installed and activated. So, the first way is inactivate all your plugin and activate default theme (Twenty Sixteen), then check the visual text editor.

Check if your wordpress version, theme, or plugin out of date? Make sure they always update. Reactivate your theme and check again. Reactivate your plugin one by one while check and check again your visual text editor.

When you found visual text editor not working, the latest plugin that you activated cause this problem. May be your plugin need to be updated. Try to update and check again. You can check your plugin compatibility at plugin wordpress page

Insert this code to your wp-config.php at the last code may be can solve the problem:

define( 'CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

I think one of that ways can solve the visual editor tab not working problem. But please note that you insert that code above might solve this issue, actually the real problem probably from somewhere else.

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